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Available 01.16.2023

abandon humanity,

embrace machine

Writing this album helped me get out of a dark place mentally. The past year, I've felt abandoned completely. Friendly faces turned into personal demons, and it was hard for me to understand who I could truly trust. It took a lot out of me, and all I could really hear was noise.

"uPGrAdE" is self reflective and my movement from a rock bottom, a true beginning of a journey and transformation into something more.

Eldritch Conscience EP

Available 05.19.2022

          The subconscious dissonance of one self, the dissonance between friends and family; a story of the instinct to forever chase perfection in lieu of accepting flaws, and being open to one's own vulnerability and showing oneself to the world.

          I chose "Eldritch Conscience" to embody the feeling that something else is in charge, something beyond our control - whether it's some cosmic entity of ruin, or the technology we socially obsess over day to day - and we are fully aware of it while simultaneously at it's mercy.

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